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Jun. 24th, 2008 | 02:25 am


That is all.

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Go me

Jun. 11th, 2008 | 01:11 pm

Yay! I was painted blue by two hot chicks yesterday. THE END.

Okay, not the end. I'd probably better give a better update eh?
Still with Maddy, all good there. She's heading to Vanuatu in a few days for her course, so that'll be interesting. Apparently they're still using stirrups over there for childbirth, which is kind of.. odd. It's a third-world country though, and a lot of things were introduced which were never questioned and taken for gospel. Unfortunately not much is able to be done at the moment, but soon enough I s'pose. Anyway, it'll be good for her - get to help the people there through childbirth without the obstetricians and nurses interfering when it's not needed.

I had my first exam for IT yesterday, and it went well. Granted, apparently they're teaching us stuff which is a few years out of date, but still. I'm picking up a few books from my uncle soon. Failing that, I'll head into the city to get a couple of coding books. I need something a little more recent than four years ago if I want to get anywhere.

In other news, not long til I get some more gear for reenactment. I'll be making a shield and helmet in the next couple of weeks, and I've told the club that by the time I head there after the holidays they'll have a few more wasters. All I'll need after this is a sword of some description and I'll be just about set - the rest is all just icing on the cake. Actually helped out at an event at the state library a couple of months back, was really good. Nobody believes just how light the equipment is. Had my cousin stand in some of our equipment for a while too - kite shield, butted maille and nasal helm. He's a foot shorter than me and only weighs about 40kg, and still managed to run around the tent a few times. Not bad!

Going to my third protest on Saturday, which should be fun. Still need to make a sign for it, but that won't be hard. The only problem might be finding a pirate costume, but I doubt I'll have any issues there. I'll ask Chris if he has one I can borrow, heheheh.

Anyway, go time for me. Things to do, people to see and all that.
OH! That's right, the being painted blue thing. Maddy invited a friend of hers over, and she brought some blue body paint. Nothing sexual about it, just lots of fun - we all got covered in paint, and now I need to clean the carpet. And wash my face properly, my beard is blue.

Okay, NOW it's time to go. Another update in.. well, probably a few weeks knowing me.

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Dear Diary, 2007

Dec. 19th, 2007 | 03:03 pm

Wow. Big entry this time, I haven't posted in some stupid amount of time. Where do I start?

Ooh, ooh! Not much that's all too noteworthy - or at least, much that anybody needs to hear about. Tho, I am part of a reenactment group now. Has been very much fun, although my hipbone hurts like all hell after some bloody viking cracked me with his knife.

By knife, of course, I mean a big fucking sword. Or at least, a knife the SIZE of a sword. Mutter mumble. Still, I have no reason to complain. He was the training officer at the time, so I learned my lesson. Jeez - I haven't even told you guys what it's all about have I? Well - basically combat reenactment. It's set between 900 and 1300AD, seeing as there's a lot of similar costume during those times, and you can fit most things in. It's also a lot cheaper to get the damned costumes and armour and such for that period of time. There are events that are held, both public and for the reenactment community only. Feasts, tournaments, cooking things, girly things as well for those who are so inclined (not everybody wants to be a knight or soldier, after all).

So yes, that's been fun. Oh - and I've been part of a fairly long D&D campaign as well. It's been.. interesting, to say the least. We've taken over a Drow outpost, renamed it after Velsharoon, and now we're going to invade stuff. FUN! Well.. we will invade things right after our two month break. In that time, I'm holding a Call of Cthulhu adventure. Should be.. interesting. I've picked out the campaign and time period. I'm wondering how the group is going to go. It'll be a nice change - going from hack and slash to sneaky and probably going to die soon.

Anything else? Hrm.. oh, Maddy and I are still doing well. We had our anniversary in September, heading to her parents place for Christmas also. And where the hell is my phone? Hang on.. okay, got it. Anyway, going to Pomborneit for Christmas on Friday, won't be back 'til the 4th. Should be lots of fun - I spend most of my time in the shed there, 'tis good exercise.

As for resolutions.. I think I'll try to stop being so damned stubborn. That's the thing that's gotten me into the most trouble so far, so I'm going to have to try and change that. Thinking I might be a bit more proactive as well - there are a few people I'd like to catch up with, but I've either been too proud or stubborn to do it, or too busy. Either way, that's something to change as well.

As for now tho, Happy New Year and Merry Christnukadan to all!

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lolcat sauce

Jul. 30th, 2007 | 10:43 pm

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Oh dear Christ.

Jun. 30th, 2007 | 07:54 pm

I totally just bleated then. Started out trying to laugh, and.. yeah. Less caffiene for me, and no more visiting the local farm!

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People never learn... or change

Jun. 14th, 2007 | 12:33 am

Wow, I get to complain! AGAIN! LJ is fun like that. *laughs* So I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

First, the housemate. Complaining about lack of money on his part - while having a managers job at safeway (not the best, but still), only paying about 10% of his share of rent (his mother pays the rest), BUYING his water.. no, not using the tap, ever.. buying bottles.. having takeaway for breakfast, lunch and dinner, complaining about lack of clothes when he never does washing, complaining about dishes being dirty then refusing to clean his share, complaining about noise when he's up at 2am playing his girly faggy techno shit (no offence to my gay buddies out there), complaining that he didn't get to watch big brother once, complaining about his workload at school (TAFE course, not doing even a half of my workload, and consists of year 8 maths), complaining about lack of food (doesn't buy any), complaining about Maddy and I having too much stuff in the fridge (our fridge, and he never buys food), complaining about heaters being left on (had it on for fifteen minutes, he leaves his electric heater on all night with his window and door open)..
Dear god, can I PLEASE pee in his juice now? I think I have enough reason as is. AND I heard him barking last night. Yes, barking, his girlfriend was moaning. Now, I'm not going to whine about his having sex. Seeing as he screwed that girl, I'm assuming he won't be staring at my lovely juicy butt any longer. But dear god - barking? Again at 3am? I could hear it outside! GAH

Secondly: Every so often word comes back to me (for some ungodly reason) about people I've dropped from my life and what they're doing with themselves. Which is fine by me - the people giving me the word are often complaining about the idiots. But.. dear god, do those people never learn? No, you can't act like a spoiled bitch and pretend that it's everybody else's fault when things blow up in your face. No, you can't cling onto somebody like some godforsaken leech then sit back and wonder why they're avoiding you now. No, we don't care about your high and mighty opinions, nor are we going to argue with you about our own. Yes, you are as stupid as you look.
And no, I wasn't complaining about specific people there, either - most everybody I know has done something listed just then, but they might have done it once and learned their lesson. God knows I've done it. Good for you, you get a pat on the back for being clever! As for the rest of you - please, learn from your mistakes. It irritates the shit out of the rest of us when you don't and then complain when things go to shit.

And also, I'm cold.

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Jun. 6th, 2007 | 01:56 am
Sanity: accomplishedaccomplished

Well, the housemate has been giving Maddy and I the shits lately. As well as not cleaning up after himself and generally being a grotty moron, he's been complaining to his mother that nothing ever gets done about the house and that it's our fault. Not to mention that he has an unhealthy obsession with Big Brother. Liking a TV show is fine, but to the point where it becomes an obsession? Jeez. He was almost at the verge of crying earlier today because we wanted to watch something else. And he spent the next half hour bitching about it because 'we got to watch our show yesterday'. Because, you know, watching our own show once is such a bad thing. Bah.

Seeing as I've been requested to keep the peace for a short time I decided earlier today to do something which, while mostly harmless but rather immature, made me feel a lot better about that jackarse getting his way all the time. So I went and did a BIG POO, finished my business, then came out and rubbed my butt all over his pillows. Hope he sleeps well tonight! *giggles like a schoolgirl*

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Admiral Akbar says...

May. 17th, 2007 | 04:13 pm


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May. 16th, 2007 | 04:28 pm

Well, Maddy and I took the bub for a walk earlier this afternoon, was a very nice walk. Cute little bugger wouldn't keep her eyes off me! Hopefully I'll have a chance to go for another stroll with them soon, don't have much time to myself lately with study and such.

In other news - MY BRAIN FRIGGIN' HURTS. Stupid bloody physics. Not so much that it's difficult, there's just so much detail that you actually need to block out before you can do what they're asking you to. Eg, if I push a 0.05kg tennis ball with a force of 1N from the edge of a table 1m off the ground, what happens?
Well, because this question is a shit, I'd need to factor in all of these: Rotational kinetics, two-dimentional motion, conservation of momentum, conservation of energy, elasticity, the various forces acting on the ball (ignoring friction but taking into consideration terminal velocity), and so on and so forth. I'm sure I could do that, but I frankly couldn't be bothered. It's a third year question.

Still, life is good, so I can't complain.

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Easter Fun Happy Time

Apr. 8th, 2007 | 01:58 pm


Just wishing all of you people in LJ Land (and other assorted locations) a Happy Easter and an Enjoyable Assorted Other Holiday for those who aren't Christian, seeing as I've heard about nine billion different names for Easter. I'm going the easy way.

Anyhoo, hope the Easter Bunny brought you a metric fuckload of chocolate this year. I know he did for me! In short, let's all enjoy this holiday and eat lots of chocolate and get all fat and happy. Except the bitchy people who read this, 'cause you're fat enough as it is.



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